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The more you know about boys, the easier it is to raise and teach them.

B.B. (Before my Boys), I didn’t know anything about male development or the challenges boys face in school and society. I’ve learned a lot over the past 20 years, both from my boys and from a wide variety of experts. Because I’m a professional writer and podcaster, I’ve interviewed dozens of “boy experts,” including Steve Biddulph, Maggie Dent, Michael C. Reichert and Warren Farrell. I read almost every boy-oriented book published, and spend hours each week digesting news stories, articles and research that relates to parenting and educating boys.

You don’t have time for all that. The Building Boys Bulletin includes:

  • A round-up for current web articles and research about raising and educating boys

  • Highlight and commentary on relevant articles

  • Links to the latest BuildingBoys blog posts and ON BOYS podcast episodes, as well as links to additional resources I’ve found helpful

  • Occasional original content by me, Jennifer L.W. Fink, professional writer and mom of 4 boys

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