Introducing: Building Boys Bulletin

information & inspiration for parents & teachers of boys

2019 is almost over.

For some of us, that fact elicits a sigh of relief. Maybe, we think, next year will be easier. For others, the looming end-of-the-year sparks a wave of panic: Presents to buy! Feasts to prepare! A home to deck!

I’m pushing that all aside for the moment to focus on the one still unchecked goal on my goals list:

Yes, this is my 2018 Goals List. And yes, I struggle with procrastination. However, I don’t give up on my goals. My colleague, Janet Allison, and I launched ON BOYS podcast in March 2018. I finished my book proposal — for a book tentatively titled The New Rules of Raising Boys: A 21st Century Guide to Growing Great Men — in June 2019; I’m currently looking for an agent. (Know anyone? I welcome introductions & connections!) Which brings me to #3, the newsletter…

I spend hours each week combing the news and social media for stories, articles and research that relates to parenting and educating boys. I share a lot of that content for free online via BuildingBoys social media channels. (Here’s BuildingBoys FB page, and here’s our Twitter.) But thanks to ever-changing algorithms — and the fact that most of you don’t spend 23 hours a day online — most of you miss most of the content.

Let me tell you a secret: I learn new things about boys every week, and that knowledge helps me be a better parent. I want to share that knowledge with you as well. I want you to have access to the information and inspiration that is helping me raise my boys. So, I’m launching a weekly newsletter.

The Building Boys Bulletin will include:

  • A round-up of current web articles and research about raising and educating boys

  • Highlights and commentary on relevant articles

  • Links to the latest BuildingBoys blog posts and OnBoys podcast episodes, as well as links to additional resources I’ve found helpful

  • Occasional original content by me, Jennifer L.W. Fink, professional writer and founder of

The newsletter will be free, at first. I want to give you a chance to experience the ease and inspiration you’ll feel when you begin each week equipped with new, up-to-date information about what boys need to thrive. I want you to see the difference this newsletter can make in your daily life and in your interactions with your boys.

I’m excited about this new venture, and I hope you are too.

Here’s to building boys!

Jennifer L.W. Fink