Sex Ed for Parents of Teens summit

The help you need to talk to your boys

Have you heard about the Sex Ed for Parents of Teens mini summit being put on by Joyful Courage yet?? Well, I am super happy to be the one to tell you about it - it was created by a PARENT of teens FOR PARENTS of teens.

We know we should be have many, many conversations with our teens as they navigate their sexual development, but…. it’s hard! Maybe we feel uncomfortable, or they won’t open up, or it wasn’t something that WE talked to OUR parents about.

Well, friends, it is time to do better. And here is a resource for doing just that.

After listening to the summit, you’ll feel:

- more confident in sharing your values and creating rules that will offer a safe space for your teen during their sexual development
- more empowered to have conversations about consent and contraception that leave your TEEN also feeling empowered
- more self assured in exploring what a healthy relationship is with your teen
- more grounded about how to discuss porn, sexting and digital dating with your teen
- more compassionate in supporting your LGBTQIQAP youth

This summit is HIGH VALUE with guests who are on the ground doing the work of supporting parents through all things sexual development. You might recognize some of these names because we’ve featured a few of these phenomenal experts on ON BOYS podcast, including:

Amy Lang from Birds and Bees and Kids

Jo Langford from Be Heroes

Other guests include:

Melissa Pintor Carnagey from Sex Positive Families
Vanessa Osage from Love and Truth Rising
Dr. Abi Weissman from Waves Psych

You’re not going to want to miss this…

The summit will take place online, during the week of April 6th - 10th. You will get each interview via email, no need to be anywhere at any particular time, and if you are interested in joining the group discussions, we will gather in the Joyful Courage for Parents of Teens FB Group.

The cost is $29 until the day we start, then it jumps up to $49. 

Claim your spot and REGISTER NOW -->

Here’s to building boys!