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One week ago, I wrote a Building Boys Bulletin about World War III memes. Specifically, about my fears and concerns:

…Meanwhile, many of our boys — OK, my boys for sure; maybe yours too — are laughing at World War III memes.

I was 19 when Iraq invaded Kuwait. My then-boyfriend (now-father-of-my-children) was scheduled to leave for Marine boot camp in less than two weeks. Very quickly, I learned that the “troops” who go to war are sons and daughters, boyfriends, cousins, classmates.

I was a Marine wife for six years. I know what it’s like to hear the news and worry. I know what it’s like to say goodbye to a loved one. I love what it’s like for the loved ones who stay behind. I’ve seen fathers greet nearly year-old babies they’ve never met, and I’ve seen year-old babies sink into a depression after their fathers left for deployment.

War is no laughing matter. Wildfires are not a laughing matter.

And yet, our kids our meme’ing it up…

Writing that newsletter gave me an idea…which I pitched to the New York Times. Later this week, I’ll likely have my first article in the Times, about how parents can engage their tweens & teens in productive conversations about memes & war.

Building Boys’ subscribers were the first in the world to be part of that conversation. Among the first to really think deeply about how our boys are using memes, and how we can best support them during these troubling times.

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